R96 well polypropylene elution microplate, 200uL perwell, made for use with KingFisher systems FlexApex and Presto. Wells contain a V bottom withtop square openings. DNase, RNase, and proteasefree. Case of 50 plates.

KingFisher 96 Microplate (200μL)


Case of 100 tip combs. These tip combs are for use with the Pharma KingFisher Flex 96 Deep-Well Head Magnetic Particle Processor or MagMAX Express-96 Deep-Well Magnetic Particle Processor.

KingFisher 96 Deep-Well Tip Combs


Formamide, deionized,
sequencing grade, 25mls.



Short plate (7 x 10 cm), for Mini-PROTEAN® 3 and Tetra Cell, pkg of 5. (BIO-RAD catalog #165-3308 ).

Short Plate for Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN 3


Glare-minimizing glass insert, 70 mm (L) x 29 mm (W), 3 mm thick; can be used with Leica cryostats models: CM1510, CM1510S, CM1520, CM1800,CM1850, CM1860, CM1900, CM1950, CM3000, CM3050, CM3050S. Also compatible with Leica Microsystems.

Leica Replacement Glass Insert 70mm


LavaPep Fluorescent Protein and Peptide Quantification Kit For 100 samples. Robust and sensitive (<100ng/mL protein/ peptide) assay, >3 orders linear dynamic range, simple and safe to use, compatible with MS.

LavaPep Fluorescent Protein and
Peptide Quantification Kit



The Green DNA provides an easy 2-step method to stain DNA bands from DNA electrophoresis. This unique reagent ensures DNA to be stained with a high sensitivity and good quality.

GREEN DNA Fluorescent DNA Stain


SealPlate 2 mil polyester films minimize evaporation, prevent spillage and contamination between wells, and provide a secure seal, not just a cover.

SealPlate Film for ELISA, EIA & Assays


MUPID-EXU includes a detachable, multi function power supply, direct visible gel box with high UV transmittance, a safety shut-off interlock cover, multichannel compatible gel loading combs, gel pouring stand, and a built in timer.

MUPID-EXU Horizontal Electrophoresis



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