Replacement electrophoresis chamber for the GE Elutrap Electroelution system. Chamber holds 4 elutrap devices.

GE Elutrap Electrophoresis Chamber


LavaPep Fluorescent Protein and
Peptide Quantification Kit

LavaPep Fluorescent Protein and Peptide Quantification Kit For 100 samples. Robust and sensitive (<100ng/mL protein/peptide) assay.

LavaPep Fluorescent Protein &
Quantification Kit


UltraThin LED Illuminator offers the flexibility of easy gel cutting. It's compact and lightweight for easy portability. User friendly: View and cut gels easily, with no need to wear amber glasses.



UltraThin White LED Panel for easy to view colorimetric gels. Panel come with a simple touch power switch with adjustable brightness. The acrylic opal diffuser surface creates optimal lighting - bright, smooth and even light distribution .

UltraThin White LED Panel

Glare-minimizing glass insert, 70 mm (L) x 29 mm (W), 3 mm thick; can be used with Leica cryostats models: CM1510, CM1510S, CM1520, CM1800,CM1850, CM1860, CM1900, CM1950, CM3000, CM3050, CM3050S. Also compatible with Leica Microsystems.

Leica Replacement Glass Insert 70mm


These disposable gridcutters simultaneously cut and excise 25 gel slices within 1 lane of a gel. Each slice is approximately 2 mm x 7 mm.

Mount for Gridcutter

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