With rectangular openings for 4 slides ArraySlide 16-4 chamber, including lower carrier tray, upper structure plate, and gasket to hold 4 slides, 16 sections per slide, for 64 total independent arraying surfaces.

ArraySlide 16-4 Hybridization Cassette AHS16-4

Our flexible gel documentation system with a removable tablet to easily switch between applications. The Omega Fluor Plus is an exceptional DNA and protein imager with multiple light sources and a multi-position filter wheel.

Omega Fluor Plus
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With the Omega Lum™ G snap an image of your gel or chemi-blot, get your data and go! Our SmartCapture Technology™ simplifies imaging, so all you need is to pick your application, exposure, and capture your image.

Omega Lum G 81-2100-00
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GeneCatcher disposable gel excision tips in bags or racks. A Gel Company original and designed for removing bands from agarose gels.

Tips - 4.0 or 6.5 mm x 1.0 mm

The Capper offers the convenience of a flip cap with the security of a screw cap. Cap remains untouched throughout the entire process

Capper - 1.5/2.0ml Screw Cap Tubes


A new generation submarine electrophoresis system that includes a detachable, multi function power supply.


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