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Omega Lum W -  Multicolor and Chemiluminescent Western Imaging

Omega Lum C - Quantitative Western Imaging

Omega Lum G - Transforming how you image gels and Westerns

Omega Fluor - Simple enough for personal use, versatile enough for a lab

Omega Fluor Plus – Extra versatility in the lab

Fluorescent gels? Check. Chemiluminescent? Check. Proteins and DNA? Small and nimble? Ok, not nimble, but a small footprint will fit anywhere in your lab. The new Omega Lum™ G is the ideal imaging system to capture your gels and blots. All Aplegen systems are powered by the intelligent SmartCapture Technology which simplifies imaging to the point where the user just has to pick an application and the image is automatically captured with the optimum exposure. The imaging system even takes care of filter selection and focusing.

The Omega Lum G can be used for fluorescent gels and chemiluminescent blots. Additionally, the multiple excitation sources make it suitable for nucleotide and protein stains. The system is very versatile, it is compatible with an extensive range of dyes including SYBR® Safe, SYBR family, ETBR, Coomassie Blue, Silver Stain, AdvanStain Scarlet, SYPRO® Ruby, Oriole™ and many more.

Camera details: CCD with 6 million pixel resolution which is cooled to -35 C. This translated to a stunning, noise free image which is essential for high quality chemiluminescence imaging